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The lip-shade Ellis Red is ELLIS FAAS' signature colour and the one that explains the Human Colours concept of the brand best: it is based on the natural colour of blood. The colour of blood is the same in all of us, so therefore it doesn't clash with anyone's skin.

ELLIS FAAS Cosmetics: Created by internationally renowned makeup artist Ellis Faas, this innovative line has set new standards for makeup: long-wearing textures, Human Colours® suitable for any skin tone and award-winning, pen-style packaging for easy application and portability. ELLIS FAAS products are liquid based and melt effortlessly into the skin. Find out why this brand is fast becoming an industry darling, lauded as "already a classic," by leading fashion magazines. Just take off the cap, turn the base and discover the world of ELLIS FAAS. 

We proudly carry this beautiful cosmetic line and are currently the only exclusive retailer in Minnesota.  Book a Makeup Lesson to learn about the line and how to incorporate it into your daily beauty regime. Purchase 3 or more products at the time of your appointment to waive the $85 service charge. That's right, a free service. That's just how much we love the products and want to share them with you.