Summer Love!

Get ready for Summer with new skincare products now available at Brow Chic.


Holika Holika Sheet Masks

K-Beauty Sheet Masks - pamper yourself at home after a day in the sun. Sheet Masks adhere to your skin and infuse it with concentrated serums. Choose from a variety of amazing ingredients, from rice extracts to berry and avocado.

Green Tea provides moisture to skin and calms sensitive skin with green tea extract.
Cucumber provides moisture to skin and keeps it hydrated with cucumber extract.
Lemon provides moisture to skin and vitalizes with lemon extract.
Damask Rose provides moisture to skin and lustrous with damask rose extract.
Shea Butter A nourishing mask sheet moisturizes skin with shea butter.
Avocado A nourishing mask sheet firms up skin with avocado extract. (wrinkle care)
Acai Berry A nourishing mask sheet vitalizes skin with acai berry extract.
Pearl A brightening sheet makes skin radiant and flawless with pearl extract. (brightening)
Strawberry A brightening sheet makes skin lustrous and provides moisture to skin with strawberry extract.
Rice A brightening sheet makes skin smooth and flawless with rice extract.

OY-L Skincare

Hydrating Facial Mist A quick refresh always at the ready. Helps restore and tone the skin and extend the wear of makeup. OY-L’s zero chemical facial mist sharpens the mind, appears to calm irritation and brighten a dull or dry complexion.

Manuka Honey Lip Balm available in 3 flavors

Manuka Latte: Combining the healing benefits of Manuka Honey with the invigorating aroma of coffee essential oil, this scent will lift your mood and keep your lips moisturized and protected from the elements.

Orange Rose: Our signature lip balm base is blended with anti-inflammatory orange essential oil and wrinkle-reducing rosehip extract in this soothing pale pink balm.

Lemon Mint: This scent is distinctly refreshing to restore clarity to the mind and moisture to the lips.


Perfectly crease resistant eye shadow cream, perfect for all-day wear.

Applied in a liquid state, the texture dries quickly and sets. Unlike other eyeshadows, this formula thereby becomes resistant to the effects of humidity such as tears and wet weather; does not build up in the eyes’ creases; and will not smudge when being rubbed.